Yot's Bulletin Site
Welcome! It's nice to finally have a personal
space here on the net :)

A bulletin site? yup!
I wanted to make it possible for people to read
my stuff in any order they want.
the most obvious solution was to make it a
(literal) bulletin board!

Surprisingly enough this isn't a completely new
I took inspiration from a few places:
(all links are opened in a new tab)
• vole.wtfbus stop
About me
As you can guess by now I'm yot! as of writing this I'm 18, and I live in Israel.
I like technology, the indie web scene, free software, cats, learning useless
information, programming, web games, difficult games, anime, ms paint
and many other things...
Everything works for once
So I finally managed to make the stickies draggable! I tried to create my own solution
but it just refused to work, so at the end I decided to find a solution on the web
and lo and behold - W3Schools had the exact thing I needed!
This just shows that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you make something.
Of course, it can still be really fun and rewarding to do it yourself but just remember
that you don't have to do every single thing from scratch for it to be good :) 
Some projects
I already mentioned it but I really like coding stuff.
Most of my stuff are web related so you can easily try
them out:
• my Neocities pageSqetchSWF corner
some p5.js sketchesPlanets - testing out trigonometry :) • Circle/square collision - prototype for the collision detection in my app • Chaotic lines - a very cool effect • Connected bubbles - I tried to use classes here • Free fall test - I made this in 10th grade after learning about free fall in physics • Ninja worm - a worm that moves semi-randomly with perlin noise
Don't open me!

    bomb gif

weekend finally came! now I can sit, relax and have some fun!
I finished DK country 1 but I'm still stuck on DK country 2...
I have an old CRT TV in my home which I use to play some games
and I gotta say that it's kind of amazing how well suited it is
for some games, especially the more retro ones which through
the magic of lower resolution and blurriness, they don't look
pixelated at all! Now I really want to play some indie games
which have the retro look on my CRT. I guess I'll leave it to
the next week though...
The SWF corner
a few months ago I scraped a bunch of SWFs from a site
and they've been sitting on a hard drive on the side of
my desk, and collecting dust...
(if you wondered, I have ~2000 SWFs which take 8 GB!
I removed a lot of duplicates so it looks like I actually
have ~1100 SWFs which take only 4.5 GB...)

It was fun to browse them for a while but I think it
will be more fun to share some of them here.

How could you see them if Flash is dead?
That's a good question! The flash plugin might be
dead but there are still a lot of dedicated people.
Thanks to that sort of dedication we have Ruffle, which is a
flash emulator! It might still be in its
infancy but it can already run many of the SWFs I have.

In general, if you want to enjoy flash games again
I would recommend Flashpoint, which lets you
play "more than 100,000 games and 10,000 animations"
as of me writing this.

When I finish making the SWF corner I'll make sure to
add a link to it in this sticky

Good news! I finally made it!
I hope you'll like what you see because I forced myself
to learn php for this...
Schools is over
yup! I just had my last school day today. I just finished 12 years. As of writing this I kinda feel weird...
Everything moved so fast today and it's kind of hard to process what happened everything. Instead of doing
it in school, we went to a park where we had a talk with with our homeroom teacher and we reflected together
about our last 3 years. After that we got our matriculation certificates and I went out with some of my
close friends to some random park and we had lots of fun. After that I went home, had a long sleep and here
I an now, writing this entry for my site. I'm not sure what I'm going to do in the next 2 months until I'll
be in the army (it's mandatory here in Israel) but I'll probably figure it out :)

let it be remembered - 2022/06/20, the day I finished school once and for all!
Cool linkz
rambling about my life is cool and all but you're probably here for the links, right?
well, you came to the right place then :^)

	• Mother fucking websites - exactly what it says on the tin
	• Shadertoy - a playground where people create cool stuff with shaders
	• Spontanious combustion - yup, that's something our ancestors believed could happen
	• Wiby - a search engine that indexes only user submitted links, good for finding new sites